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SHIFT - Sustainable Technologies Enabling Future Telecom Applications

SHIFT aims

Digital Twin

SHIFT makes significant contributions to the "twin transition" through innovations for advanced telecommunications

5GNR (Beyond 5G) and 6G Technologies

SHIFT develops innovative semiconductor and packaging technologies for telecommunication areas such as 5GNR (Beyond 5G) and 6G wireless network access and backhaul, ultra-high speed optical links between servers, satellite telecommunications, and Earth observation

Society and Environment

SHIFT contributes to environmental and societal concerns by analysing the carbon footprint of telecommunications products through their manufacturing chain, operational use, and recycling

European Semiconductor Industry

SHIFT supports Europe's will for sovereignty in semiconductors by accelerating the development and dissemination of new European technologies


Future Telecommunication


  • Develop new Semiconductor and packaging Technologies for the high frequencies of 6G era

  • Demonstrate the new semiconductor technologies by innovative and competitive System Demonstrators for:

    • Wireless and Fiber optics Telecommunication systems

    • Satellite telecommunication and Earth Observation systems

  • Demonstrate their economic and societal effects while reducing current environmental impacts

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