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SHIFT Publications

Low-noise Si/SiGe HBT for LEO satellite user terminals in Ku-Ka bands

A. Gauthier, E. Brezza, A. Montagné, N. Guitard, J. Azevedo Goncalves, M. Buczko, S. Jan, N. Derrier, D. Céli, C. Deglise-Favre, J. Ma, H. Audouin, F. Deprat, D. Ristoiu, L. Berthier, L. Clément, B. Grelaud, C. Rougier, P. Chevalier

Effects of X-ray and Gamma irradiation on advanced Si/SiGe:C HBTs DC characteristics

J. El Beyrouthy, B. Sagnes, F.Pascal, A. Hoffmann, A. Ayenew, J. Boch, T. Maraine, S. Haendler, P. Chevalier, D. Gloria, M. Bouhouche

A D-Band Low-Noise-Amplifier in SiGe BiCMOS with Broadband Multi-Resonance Matching Networks

Guglielmo De Filippi, Lorenzo Piotto, Andrea Bilato, Andrea Mazzanti

A SiGe BiCMOS D-Band LNA with Gain Boosted by Local Feedback in Common-Emitter Transistors

Guglielmo De Filippi, Lorenzo Piotto, Andrea Bilato, Andrea Mazzanti

Low frequency noise study of X-ray irradiated Si/SiGe:C BiCMOS technology bipolar transistors

A. Adebabay Belie, J. El Beyrouthy, Fabien Pascal, J. Boch, T. Maraine, M. Bouhouche, Bruno Sagnes, S. Haendler, P. Chevalier, D. Gloria

Exploring Compact Modeling of SiGe HBTs in Sub-THz Range With HICUM

S. R. Panda, T. Zimmer, A. Chakravorty, N. Derrier and S. Fregonese

A 20mW 130-175GHz Phase Shifter with Meandered λ/2 TLINEs in BiCMOS 55nm

Lorenzo Piotto, Guglielmo De Filippi, Andrea Bilato and Andrea Mazzanti

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