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SHIFT at the 18th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA presented SHIFT's scientific publication "Ka-Band Phased Antenna Array Concept for High-EIRP Satellite Connections" written with the support of the Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, the Università della Calabria and the Politecnico di Milano during the recent 18th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation. This event took place on the 17-22 of March 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland, and brought together leaders from the antenna and propagation community.

The SHIFT paper and poster introduced an innovative transmitting antenna array for the Ka band (27 GHz) intended for space connectivity.

"This publication represents an important milestone in both technical and dissemination activities of the SHIFT European Project – Stefano Moscato explains - since summarizes one of the major outcomes of the first year of our activity. The audience was really interested in the topic. In fact, Phased Array Antenna Systems are foreseen to be massively deployed for the next generation wireless interconnections".

SHIFT at EuCAP2024


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