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SHIFT’s First Press Release

SHIFT project’s consortium is pleased to announce the first press release about the project. The press release focuses on the collaboration between SHIFT and ESSENCE-6G projects.

This collaborative effort between two projects, suitably named as a clustering activity, is well-positioned to enhance coordination and support European influence in the areas of 6G D-Band communication and sensing. With their combined expertise and shared vision, these two teams are paving the way for a more impactful technological future.

The ESSENCE-6GM project is developing components that enable powerful transmission in the sub-THz range with high energy efficiency. Overall, the project contributes to Germany taking a leading role in shaping the 6G standards and increasing the proportion of key components for 6G systems manufactured in Europe. This is a significant contribution to strengthening the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

Meanwhile the SHIFT project is developing new semiconductor and packaging technologies for the high frequencies of 6G era and supporting Europe’s will for sovereignty in semiconductors by accelerating the development and dissemination of new European technologies.

More information here:

SHIFT’s First Press Release


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