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Collaborative Efforts Boost European Influence in 6G D-Band Technology

In a bid to amplify the influence of emerging technologies, the SHIFT team has embarked on a comprehensive dialogue and collaborative initiatives with the ESSENCE-6GM, a German national-funded project addressing similar technical and physical challenges in the realm of developing technologies.

A pivotal meeting between the two teams set the stage for a fruitful exchange, where both parties delved into their respective topics and activities. The synergy between the SHIFT and ESSENCE-6GM initiatives became evident as they explored common ground and shared their insights.

Looking ahead, the two dynamic consortia have outlined plans for a series of outreach and clustering actions, ecosystem-building activities, and information exchange sessions. The primary objective is to facilitate a mutual learning experience, exploit synergies, and broaden their impact on the technological landscape.

This collaborative effort, suitably named as a clustering activity, is well-positioned to enhance coordination and support European influence in the areas of 6G D-Band communication and sensing. With their combined expertise and shared vision, these two teams are paving the way for a more impactful technological future.

The ESSENCE-6GM project is developing components that enable powerful transmission in the sub-THz range with high energy efficiency. Overall, the project contributes to Germany taking a leading role in shaping the 6G standards and increasing the proportion of key components for 6G systems manufactured in Europe. This is a significant contribution to strengthening the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

Meanwhile the SHIFT project is developing new semiconductor and packaging technologies for the high frequencies of 6G era and supporting Europe's will for sovereignty in semiconductors by accelerating the development and dissemination of new European technologies.


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