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First General Assembly Meeting for SHIFT Consortium

The first General Assembly Meeting of the SHIFT project took place in Cologno Monese, Italy. Coordinator Pierre-Jerome Goirand, representing ST Microelectronics, led discussions on the project's overall status. The meeting focuses on planning for the upcoming year 1 review, with thorough presentations by Work Package Leaders.

The meeting features insightful presentations from Work Package Leaders, who share their respective insights and progress within their designated domains. These presentations not only showcase the diverse expertise within the project but also foster a collaborative environment conducive to innovation.

In a parallel arrangement, working groups engage in dedicated sessions, delving into specific aspects of the project. These parallel sessions allow for a more nuanced exploration of key themes and facilitate targeted discussions among participants. The collective expertise brought to these sessions promises to catalyze advancements in specific areas, contributing to the overall success of the SHIFT project.


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